San Francisco

10/12/2012 17:23

If I'm lucky I have about 50 years left on the huge spinning sphere in space called earth and I'm trying to see as much of it as I can! I think I've covered about 1/10000000 of the earth so I have a long way to go. My traveling experiences have been both enlightening and frustrating. I've been to Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, The Bahamas, The Caymen islands, and about half of the United States. I have yet to see Alaska or Hawaii but that time will come. I have to be honest I am not a huge fan of flying. I would rather take the time to drive across the country than fly as in practical as that may sound. Something about being 20,000 feet in the air in a tin can with wings bothers me a little bit, but I have to say that my flying experiences have been pretty smooth up to yesterday where my flight got delayed 6 hours. I am not fond of American Airlines at all. It seems to me they are running a shit show. Thanks to United Airlines Tim Deller and myself made it to San Francisco to check out the PRSSA conference! We came a day early to check out the city and so far its awesome. We've only covered a few blocks but thursday night was a blast. Great bars, great food, and great people. So me and my people from RMU are gonna soak up everything we can from the conference, but we will definately find time to explore San Fran a little more. There is so much to see but very little time!

    I am looking forward to meeting a great deal of people at this conference. I want to learn as much about the PR industry as I can and I want to learn about it through the eyes of the people in the business. I am very interested in learning more about marketing through social media and I believe this conference will have rich information concerning that topic. I plan on talking to people very casually and just being myself. I want to pick the minds of PR professionals and form a solid vision of the industry in order to figure out whether or not I wish to go down the PR path. I plan on taking some business cards as well as handing some out. I feel so professional when I hand people my business card! Of course feeling professional and being professional are two very different things but I think after this conference when I return to Pittsburgh I will be just a little more professional!